Doesn't everyone dream of flying through the air? At Trapeze Yoga you can do just that. I tried a session out with newly opened Yoga Trapeze Maidenhead at their beautiful purpose built studio in Burchetts Green. Along with a number of other curious folk we found we had a great time and although getting into the sling took a bit of getting used to, it was a lot of fun and I felt first hand just how the sling can benefit the body.

Studio set to go

The yoga poses look similar to those of mat based yoga, yet the dynamics are unique. The yoga trapeze requires upper body and core strength for basic movements like just getting in and out of the sling. It adds the missing 'pull' motion lacking in mat based classes. Another difference is the passive nature of many of the mat based classes. Many of the poses performed in the trapeze are passive, particularly the back-bends and shoulder stretches, so by using the the trapeze you are able to assume extremely deep back bends in a passive way, allowing you to hold the pose longer.

Annie giving a demo

Being suspended from a swing like contraption allows for so much more versatility, building core strength, developing grip and supporting back health and a healthy spine through instant traction of the spine as well as targeted muscle strength. Having the support of the trapeze relives pressure on the joints, so in effect you will be flying!

Izzy and Annie showing how it's done!

Izzy and Annie are the founders of Yoga Trapeze Maidenhead, both of these lovely ladies have a wealth of yoga, wellness and fitness knowledge behind them having worked in the industry for many years and luckily for us decided to join forces and study even more to become certified teachers of the yoga trapeze so we can all fly. If you would like to have a go at Yoga Trapeze you can get in touch here:

Annie: 07836 776103

Izzy: 07836 776103

Make sure you follow Yoga Trapeze Maidenhead on instagram to be in the know of new classes. Website is coming soon.