There's a new fitness craze heading to Marlow and I'm promised no co-ordination is necessary. Hurrah.

I caught up with Emma Sykes who runs BarreSculpt. Emma has danced since the age of 3, her love and passion took her on to train at The English National Ballet School and London Contemporary Dance School. Emma toured professionally and upon returning locally gained her secondary teaching qualifications sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise in education. Since having her two children Emma has used her dance and fitness knowledge to devise her Barre Classes.

So, what is BarreSculpt?

Barre is so different to any other workout. It is a fitness class that combines elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It is low impact and a great class for all abilities. Exercises can be adapted according to varying abilities. High repetition and small movements are used to work the muscles to fatigue followed by a series of stretches to lengthen the muscle

Equipment such as light weights, resistance bands and Pilates balls challenge the body for greater targeted work.

What are benefits can we see after attending your classes?

The class improves posture, strength and flexibility. Exercises are never the same and you will always be challenged. You will leave the class with a feel good feeling.

You run Mother & Baby classes, how can BarreSculpt help a postnatal mum?

We have a special mother and baby classes designed specifically for mums and their little ones. Having had two children myself I know that time for yourself is very important. The class builds up the strength of the muscles that are impacted during pregnancy and labour.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been publicising what Barre can do and the benefits.

You’re a mum too, how do you manage your time to keep everybody happy?

That’s a good question, my eldest boy is starting school this September and my youngest will start pre school so that in itself has given me some time to expand my business.

Sounds amazing, where can we sign up?

You can get in touch via e-mail or phone.

The best bit, Mums about Cookham can select a free trial class, just quote MACBARRE when you sign up in one of these ways.

Call: 07946738001.


Instagram: barresculptltd

Facebook @barreSCULPT