With a little trepidation my nearly 2 year old and I headed along to Norden Farm for it's annual Christmas offering; this year Pins and Needles Productions have brought The Bear to the stage. An adaption of a Raymond Briggs (he that brought us The Snowman) classic. It tells the story of Tilly and a fluffy white Polar Bear who comes to stay by venturing through the bedroom window. Tilly and the Polar Bear become the best of friends, amongst the inevitable chaos living with a Polar Bear brings.

With a bright and simple set that transforms within seconds from Tilly’s bedroom to the kitchen and more with the skips and hops of Tilly the Wannabe pop star and her Mum and Dad doubling as puppeteers there's constant movement on stage to keep the children entranced.

While Tilly’s polar friend crashes around the house destroying everything in its path, lots of fun ensues for the audience with a giant poo that only a polar bear do and golden ticker tape wee are greeted with shrills of laughter from the pint sized audience. With the added addition of a super soaker (guess who gets it) and bubbles the show creates an almost immersive experience.

I really had no need to worry, my little one sat stock still, eyes fixed on the stage for the full running time, which at 55 mins is a longer one for the little people. If you are in any doubt to book, I'd say do it. The nursery and school age children who shared the auditorium with us today were as equally enthralled.

You can book your tickets here, the show runs until Sunday 29 December.