If you're not at the sleepover point yet, one day you will be.....and the amazing ladies at myglampover can do all the hard work for you while creating the most magical of parties. Gone are the days of a scabby old sleeping bag and bedding down on the floor, today's kids are in for something truly special.


Tell me a little about you and your background?

We are two local mums, Tracy grew up in Amersham but moved to Maidenhead over 20 years ago and I (Catherine) have always lived locally. We have six children between us, although it feels like more with all their friends being around all the time, ranging in age from 6 to 22. I have always worked in customer service and Tracy started life in advertising working in London for a magazine publisher before moving into the travel industry, working for the CEO in a number of start up companies including Silverjet.


How do you juggle being employed, running a family, while also setting up your own business?

Tracy and I have children at primary school but we also have children at secondary school and uni. The fact that 3 of them can drive now means we are not playing taxi driver as much, so have gained a little bit of time back so thought it was the right time to start up our own venture. We have both put in a lot of hours late at night, when the younger ones are in bed, to get our business started but that has all been worthwhile as we see our dream of running our own business turn into a reality. The feedback and support so far has been amazing and this has really kept us motivated even when we are exhausted.

The grown up girls have also been fantastic in helping us get to grips with social media and designing our website, which we did ourselves – it’s been a bit of a family affair which is really lovely.

Sleepy Safari

myglampover looks very special, what was your inspiration to set up the business?

Having hosted so many of our own sleepover parties during the last 20 years we know how much our children loved them but it was always a scramble to find enough beds and bedding. So when the youngest of our children said they wanted to have their cousin over for a sleepover we started looking at options and thought what a great concept for a business.

We realised there was a real opportunity to offer parents a hassle free sleepover experience, one that would offer stylish themes that deliver the wow factor and leave parents stress and not to mention, laundry free.

We took the decision from the beginning to offer quality products. Take our mattresses and bedding for example - the cheaper alternative would have been to offer airbeds but having used them for our own children’s sleepovers in the past we knew that in most cases you wake up on the ground! So we invested in luxury foam mattresses, in two sizes, and 10.5 tog duvets.

We have taken inspiration from the younger ones in terms of themes and what they would like to see in a sleepover party. When children say they want us to do their party again for them next year that’s when we knew we had got it right.

What can partygoers expect from a myglampover party?

I think what sets us apart is our attention to detail. We handcrafted all our teepees and offer luxury memory foam mattresses and proper duvets. We want our parties to look amazing but it’s also as important that children can get a good nights sleep. We have spent hours sourcing some amazing products that compliment each of our themes and we are always adding new items to our stock and changing the looks of our themes to keep them looking fresh.

We also ensure that all our teepees are hand steamed after each party and our bedding is anti allergy and washed in non-biological liquid.

We decorate each teepee with fairy lights, cushions and garlands together with a tray table with a nightlight and themed accessories. We take the time to make each sleepover look amazing but it’s at night, when all the fairy lights are on, that they look truly magical.

Children are always honest so we provide a little feedback form for them to complete, if they want, and we have found that invaluable. We want them to have the most magical memorable sleepover ever!

What is the suggested age for a party? How many can you cater for?

In our experience, we don’t recommend it for children under 6 years old. We hosted a party for 16 year olds recently using our full size single mattresses, and a mum has even expressed interest in doing an adult sleepover so there is no upper age limit! As far as how many we cater for – as many as space allows!

Secret Garden

What do you enjoy most about working as a partnership?

We’ve been friends for years and know each other inside out. We both have different skill sets, and Tracy is very creative so it is a perfect pairing allowing us both to play to our strengths. Starting a business can be very daunting and it has been a steep learning curve so it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off each other, work through concerns together and share the workload. Plus, we now have a great excuse to spend much more time with each other!

How does being local to Cookham help your business?

We’ve always been active in the local community. We have many friends in the village and we have children at school here. We’ve collaborated with small local businesses, who have been amazingly helpful, and everyone has been really supportive.

Moroccan Nights

What is your most popular theme of the moment?

We have curated a set of themes, which cater for boys and girls across a range of ages. Not all girls like pink and unicorns so we have ‘Tropicool’ and ‘Moroccan Nights’ which are also popular with the older children. Camp Wilderness for the boys has gone down really well – they have sleeping bags rather than duvets with ivy draped teepees and camo netting gives them a real sense of being outdoors. Sleepy Safari has unexpectedly been as popular with the girls as it has been for the boys but Secret Garden is probably our most requested theme at the moment but only just.

We also love when children think of their own themes. It’s so rewarding to bring their imagination to life, and see their reactions!

Camp Wilderness

How would you like to see myglampover expand, do you have any exciting plans ahead?

We have so many exciting things in the pipeline. We are working on adding more products to our sleepovers such as personalised fabric gift bags, a sleepover essentials kit, pamper and mini spa and we are really looking forward to collaborating more with small local businesses. We will be launching our low level luxe tables, perfect for indoor or outdoor picnics, very soon and we are planning on introducing bell tents to enables us to take the glampover outside so we can cater for weddings, hen do’s, prom parties and more!