If all those good intentions of keeping fit and healthy this year are already waning, perhaps you need to change what you're doing. Having a commitment to others makes getting out of that run all the more harder. That's where Good Gym comes in.

GoodGym is launching in Windsor & Maidenhead on 26th February and there are so many ways to get involved. GoodGym is a caring and sociable community of runners who get fit at the same time as helping out in their local area.

If you're keen to get fit or looking for running buddies, join a group run on a Wednesday between 6.45pm and 8.30pm. You will meet at Maidenhead Town Hall, run together (or walk if you prefer) to a location where you complete a task. This could be anything from planting trees to setting up for an event. Many energetic hands make light work and then you head back to the Town Hall, glowing with endorphins!

Alternatively, if you need a great reason to run solo, GoodGym can pair you with an isolated older person (your 'coach'), who you commit to run to for a social visit once a week.

You can also join community missions, where you run, walk or cycle in smaller groups to help older individuals with tasks they can no longer do themselves, such as moving furniture or clearing a garden path.

GoodGym would also love to hear from you if you are involved with a charity or community group/venue who need help. Perhaps your scout hut needs a deep clean, your community garden is overgrown or you are drowning in boxes of flat-pack furniture?

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Facebook: @GoodGym