Brought together by a love of food and drink, husband and wife team Charles and Chloe are the couple behind Cross Stream Gin. A delicious London Dry Gin handmade by Charles & Chloe in small batches. Here they tell their story of a how a dream has become reality.

Tell me about you and what you both did before creating Cross Stream Gin?

We are Charles and Chloe a husband and wife team. We met over 8 years ago working for the Fat Duck Group. Charles works in the wine trade and Chloe is a Buyer for an online retailer. We still work our current 9-5 jobs, so it’s evenings, long nights and weekends at the distillery for us. Making gin is a true labour of love and something we get a lot of enjoyment from.

What inspired you to create a gin?

Having both worked in the hospitality and drinks industries we have always dreamt of leaving the rat race and contributing to the spirits industry by creating a product of our own. We really enjoy drinking gin and it felt like a natural first step into the world of distilling premium spirits.

How did you learn about the gin making process?

We are totally self-taught distillers, our process is very old fashioned and traditional we very rarely use anything digital to help us make our gin. We like to think of ourselves as Luddites. It’s just the two of us and it’s completely handcrafted process from distillation to bottling. We started recipe testing on our 2.5 litre baby still Meg and once we perfected our recipe we progressed on to our 60 litre still Jinx. Our alembic copper pot stills are handmade in Portugal. The whole process has been a huge learning curve and a bit of trial and error for us. But, the end result is a super fantastic gin.

What inspired the name Cross Stream Gin?

The name comes from a family estate on the Surrey/Hampshire border built by Charles’s Great Grandfather from the ground up and we wanted to pay homage to the hard work that went into it and draw parallels from what we are doing ourselves, by building up our distillery from scratch.

Which botanicals go into Cross Stream Gin?

We source our botanicals ourselves, they are; Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Orris Root Powder, Cardamon, Wormwood, Grains of Paradise, Lemon peel, Sweet Orange Peel and Pink Grapefruit peel. We peel and dehydrate all the citrus fruit ourselves, by hand before using them. The resulting gin is citrus forward with a strong backbone of juniper, a subtle hint of spice and a long dry finish. It’s a classic London dry style gin.

What’s your favourite way to drink gin?

Chloe's favourite way to drink gin is as a G&T (50ml or a generous splash of Cross Stream gin over ice in a tall highball glass. With a good Indian tonic water and garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit, the perfect serve.) Charles is a martini man (50ml of CSG, 25ml of Noilly Pratt stirred in a mixing glass and poured into a martini glass with a twist of of lemon).

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements so far?

Time is the biggest challenge for us, we wish we had more of it! It’s a bit of a juggling act, balancing our day jobs and a passion of creating gin. It’s meant long nights but it’s incredibly fulfilling.

Our biggest achievement is the fact that the little idea we had, has turned into a reality and we produce a gin that we are genuinely really proud of. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the distillery and crazy to think that we only started our venture 5 months ago.

What's next for Cross Stream Gin - any exciting plans?

We have just launched our website launching which Chloe has been working tirelessly away at and it will mean that Cross Stream Gin can be purchased directly from us. And we are planning on bring out a new gin in 2020. Keep following our journey for the latest news.

Where can we sample your drink?

The Hand and Flowers Marlow, The Palmer Arms Dorney, The Keg Bourne End, Marlow Rowing Club, The Oarsman Marlow, The Crafty Taproom Marlow and the Bel and Dragon Cookham to name a few. We have been really lucky and appreciate the amount of local support we have had so far and we hope to supply as many local shops, pubs and restaurants as we can. We really believe in supporting local businesses.