This weekend will see local artists exhibiting their work as part of the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail. The purpose of the trail is to promote high quality visual arts in the area. Artists are delighted to meet with the public and this is an informal and convivial way for artist and public to meet. Here's a glimpse into the work of Rosanna Chetwood who will be exhibiting from Gantry Barn, School Lane, Cookham.

I specialise in capturing beloved pets on canvas. I apply oil paint using palette knives to create a bold, sculptural surface of thick paint. The result is a fresh and modern style of pet portrait. This year will mark my second year participating in the arts trail with our group venue, Gantry Barn Artists. I always most enjoy exhibiting as part of a group. I wanted to establish a larger group venue within CAMAT which is why we set up our group Gantry Barn Artists last year. We anticipated it would take a while to establish ourselves as a new venue but we had such a great reception and engagement from the local community. The numbers who visited us, enjoyed the art on display and supported us has brought us back for another year.

My work is directly inspired by local pet owners. To date I have painted dogs, cats, cows and horses. I have also painted many pets that I suspect people wish they could have too, having painted tigers, turtles and elephants too!

I am most proud of my palette knife pets series. I traded my paint brushes in for palette knives in 2017. I taught myself how to use palette knives through practice and experimentation. This swap to palette knives signified a pivotal point in my art practice which I feel has allowed me to find my own style, which is uniquely mine.

I will be showing my palette knife pets at this year’s art trail along with a range of ‘palette knife pet’ products; greeting cards, magnets, tote bags, framed mini prints and cushions.

You'll have the chance to meet Rosanna and view her work during the Cookham & Maidenhead Art Trail taking place 14 & 15 September. Rosanna is exhibiting from Gantry Barn, School Lane, Cookham SL6 9QN.