CBeebies! Treasure Island at Theatre Royal Windsor

Bank Holiday Monday see's children’s TV stars Callum Donnelly and Robin Hatcher from the popular CBeebies TV show ‘SPOTBOTS’ come to the stage in Windsor - they also currently join Justin Fletcher on the brand new series of ‘Justin’s House’ for lots of the usual crazy shenanigans!

This loveable duo are also the stars of this brand new adventure that is sure to leave the audience both spell bound and doubled up with mirth! I caught up with Callum Donnelly to find out more.

So how is it all going?

Really great! 2018 has been a super productive year and we can't believe 2019 has come round again already.

Why do you think 'Treasure Island' is going to be such a magical show?

There is such a unique atmosphere in the world of theatre, a kind of unity and shared excitement between audience members despite most of them being complete strangers. Add into the mix that myself, JezO and Tom absolutely love performing live, we love performing comedy, and we have an excellent script full of silliness, songs and slapstick, and you have the makings of a fantastically funny frollick on the high seas!

It looks like you have a busy tour ahead - how do you “pace” yourself for the run?

We're all fairly used to touring now, and I think it's just a case of making sure you get your down time. We all have naturally very high energy, physical performers so it's important that we make the most of our opportunities to rest so we can feel confident giving it everything as soon as we step out on stage. Basically just making sure we get enough sleep, chill out playing video games, reading, watching football etc. Also one of the best things about touring is seeing new places and meeting with friends who have gently dispersed around the country over the years.

What is the best thing about performing?

Well we're comedians at heart so I guess we have to say laughter. Making people laugh and in particular children gives you such a buzz and if audience and performers alike can all share in the joke together, it just makes for such an electric atmosphere.

Do you get nervous?

We're always nervous before performances, but the feeling tends to drop in intensity as the run goes on and we become more confident in the show. Nerves are good though because firstly they show you really care, and secondly they give you an extra little burst of energy before you step out.

Best moment on stage?

When a Mother told us it was the first time she'd ever seen her autistic 8 year old daughter laugh.

Worst moment on stage?

Luckily, it was a dress rehearsal but... my trousers were to be pulled down but supposed to leave my pants intact. They weren't.

Catch Treasure Island at Theatre Royal Windsor on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May.

Theatre Royal Windsor